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This prize is aimed at writers based in the UK and EU who are responding creatively and experimenting with the literature mold. with this prize, we seek to identify, recognise and develop writers’ careers in the genres of short fiction and poetry. we are supported by Arts Council England, Writers’ Centre Kingston, and Selcouth Station Press. this will be our third year of running this amazing prize.

there are two age categories (18-30 and 31 and over) in each category of short fiction and poetry, which
means there are four overall first place winners. we also award second-fourth places in each category.

1st place: six personalised mentoring sessions, book bundles, networking and performance/exhibition opportunities.
2nd place: two online personalised mentoring sessions from the streetcake editors, networking and book bundles.

3rd place: one email feedback session from the streetcake editors and book bundles. ​

4th place: book bundles.

all winning entrants published in the anthology.​​


Entry is by email to (If you find entering challenging in any way, please drop us an email and we will try to help you).

​Entry is free but if you can support us with a voluntary donation of £1-2, we would appreciate your support!
(*please note, donations have no impact on whether you are placed or not)

There is a limit of 2 pieces of short fiction (2500 words per story - this is approx 6 pages of A4 double-spaced) per entrant and / or 3 poems (max 2 sides of A4 per poem) per entrant.

In the subject line, please state your age and write either “poetry” or “fiction”, depending on what you are submitting (this will allow us to enter you into the correct category). Please send all poems or stories in the same email with your files saved as the name of your piece/s.

If you are entering in both categories, please send two separate emails for each writing genre but with the same personal information.

In the body of the email, please state:
Name (pseudonyms are allowed but you must enter with your legal name)
Title of work/s
Address (you must be living at a UK/EU address to enter but entry is not limited to UK/EU nationals)
Date of birth and age (for category banding)
Preferred phone number
Where you heard about the prize
If you are happy to tell us, please let us know if you belong to an underrepresented group. This is for monitoring purposes and will not be shared anywhere.
Pen Name (if any)
Please attach your entries as single WORD (.doc or .docx) or PDF files. Please read the rules for details about file formats for more visual works. Each poem/story should be submitted as a separate file and in a legible font (unless it is a visual piece and it is the intention to be unreadable). There should be no identifying features on the file other than the title of your work. If any personal details are left on the file, your entry will unfortunately be disqualified.

All entries must be received before 23:59 on MONDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2021 (UK time).
Entries received after this time will be discarded.

***please read the FULL RULES before entering.

​we also have some FAQs***

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