Monday 6 December 2021



PRIZE: £500


7 DAY STORY WRITING CHALLENGES take place throughout the year.

Each challenge runs for exactly 7 days.

Before a new challenge begins, all those who have registered will be randomly divided into 12 GROUPS. Each group corresponds to a different GENRE.

When the challenge begins you will receive an email with your randomly assigned genre and the SECRET CHALLENGE THEME.

All participants receive the same theme and must write a short story of no more than 2,000 words, inspired by the theme, written in the genre assigned to them.

You have exactly 7 days to write and submit your story.

Globe Soup will choose 12 finalists, one from each genre and an overall winner. The winner of the challenge will receive £500.

When you receive the theme and your genre, it is up to you if you want to take part. Once registered, you will be randomly assigned a genre each time a new challenge begins and there will be a new theme for each challenge. If you don’t feel inspired by the theme and genre you can wait for the next challenge! There is no need to re-register each time.

You can join our LOVE-TO-WRITE FACEBOOK GROUP to meet other writers taking part in the challenge, share ideas, get advice and when the challenge ends you can take part in our FEEDBACK EXCHANGE, allowing you to swap stories with other participants to give and receive feedback.


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